AP® Calculus

AP® Calculus is a very challenging math subject that focuses on the algebraic aspect of solving problems rather than the graphical aspect used in Algebra I/II. This AP® prep course is designed to introduce students to the main topics and allow them to gain a fundamental basis for the rest of Calculus.

Covered Topics

Introduction to Limits

Limits with Different Types of Functions

Limit Definition of a Derivative

Power Rule for Derivatives

Others Differentiation Rules

Related Rates


First/Second Derivative Tests



This prep course is meant to supply those who wish to take AP® Calculus AB/BC with the basic concepts that underly the majority of Calculus to give students a head-start in this difficult math course. The concepts reviewed here comprise a large portion of the AP® exam and will boost your child's chances of getting a 5. The classes are administered online through Zoom.

Once-weekly virtual classes starting mid-July

Grade Level Recommendation: Entering 10th and up