YCF Talks

We are thrilled to introduce YCF Talks, an extraordinary 45-minute talk series designed to offer invaluable insights and expertise from distinguished professionals in the fields of Business, Computer Science, and Engineering. These captivating sessions will delve into the vast reservoirs of knowledge and experiences of accomplished experts, providing a rare opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their remarkable journeys.

YCF Talks aims to connect aspiring minds with the forefront of innovation and success. We have meticulously curated a lineup of exceptional speakers, each celebrated for their exceptional contributions to their respective industries. As they share their firsthand experiences and wisdom, you will be inspired, motivated, and empowered to unlock your full potential and excel in your own endeavors.

The Talk Structure

During each session, our esteemed guest speakers will delve into the core aspects of their professions, highlighting the challenges they faced and the pivotal moments that shaped their careers. They will delve into industry trends, emerging technologies, and the transformative power of cutting-edge practices. The talks will be followed by an interactive Q&A session, enabling you to engage directly with the speakers, seeking personalized advice and guidance.

The Schedule: 

Guest Speaker's talk: ~20 mins

Questions from the host: ~5-10 mins

Questions from the audience: ~15-20mins 

Our Next Talk


Our first talk will be in January of 2024. Come back closer to then to find more info.