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Whether you're looking to make a positive impact in your community or simply in need of some volunteering hours, being a teacher for YCF is the perfect job. 

Teachers will teach in twos to a class of up to 10 kids. They will receive hours for the classes they taught and the meetings they attend. 

Curriculum Developer

If you're looking to help out behind the scenes and play an influential role in the organization, then being a curriculum developer is the job for you.

In charge of making the curriculum for the classes to be taught, you will be making slideshows, in-class assignments, and homework.

Content Creator

Part of the outreach team, you will be in charge of making all sorts of content, from flyers and posters to Instagram reels.

This job requires you to be two things: creative and artistic  This job is all about showing off your art skills while spreading word of the organization.   

Manager Postions

Teacher Manager

The bridge relays information from the board to the teachers, and you will be leading your own small team of teachers and keeping things in check.

Teacher managers must have leadership experience and will be required to know multiple coding languages as they will be in teaching a class as well.  

Community Relations Manager

You will be responsible for identifying, contacting, and building relationships with possible contacts from guest speakers to partners, 

You must have exceptional communication skills and a keen eye for networking opportunities to help forward our initiatives.

Social Media Manager

In another section of the outreach team, you will be in charge of running all of YCF's Socials. You will be required to post on various platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter.

You must be able to know how to use all Social Media platforms. 

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