YouthCodeX Hackathon

YouthCodeX is an exciting event that provides a platform for students from around the world to showcase their innovative skills in Computer Science, Engineering, and Business. The event revolves around YCF's 5 Pillars of Growth, which include, Engineering, Agriculture, Business, Sports, and Education. Participants are tasked with creating innovative projects that solve issues related to the given theme. 

YouthCodeX is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their problem-solving skills and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. It encourages creativity and critical thinking while providing a chance for participants to make a meaningful impact.

A Letter from the Board

With hearts filled with gratitude and excitement, we extend our sincerest thanks to each and every one of you for making the YouthCodeX hackathon an incredible success! Your unwavering support, dedication, and contributions have been instrumental in shaping this extraordinary event into a memorable experience for all. 

To our esteemed judges, we express our deepest appreciation for your invaluable time and expertise in evaluating the exceptional projects presented during the hackathon. Your insightful feedback and guidance have been instrumental in nurturing the young talents and inspiring their future endeavors. We extend heartfelt gratitude to our generous sponsors and partners whose unwavering support has made YouthCodeX possible. Your belief in our mission to foster innovation and creativity in the tech community has been the driving force behind this event's resounding success. To our esteemed guest speakers, we extend our warmest thanks for sharing your insights and experiences, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of our participants. Your presence has been truly inspiring, guiding the next generation of tech enthusiasts towards greatness. And to the 300 talented competitors who graced us with their remarkable skills and passion, thank you for bringing your A-game and making this hackathon a vibrant and electrifying event. Your enthusiasm and talent have filled us with immense pride and hope for a brighter technological future. 

Looking forward, we are thrilled to announce that YouthCodeX is here to stay! We are already planning to host the event again next year during the summer season, and we have ambitious plans to make it bigger, better, and even more impactful. We want you to be an essential part of this thrilling journey, as we continue to provide an empowering platform for young innovators to shine and transform their ideas into reality. Once again, thank you for being an integral part of YouthCodeX. Your unwavering support has fueled our passion for nurturing the tech leaders of tomorrow. Together, let's create a future where possibilities are boundless and innovation knows no limits.


The Youth Code Foundation Board


The event has ended, check back on August 12th for the winners


 How long is the event?

A: The event is 9 hours with 6 hours given to designing and implementing your projects

What is a Hackathon?

An event where students from around the world can come together to make cool projects that solve some issue related to a theme given. The project will incorporate some computer science/engineering components and some business components. 

How much does it cost?

It's completely free!

What are the ages recommended for the event?

Anyone between grades 6-12 is welcomed

What is the theme for our hackathon?

The theme revolves around YCF's 5 Pillars of Growth (Engineering, Agriculture, Business, Sports, and Education)

Have  any more questions?


Vladislav Bilay

Vladislav is a Cloud DevOps Engineer and Tech Lead at Aquiva Labs with professional experience in designing and delivering Cloud-Native IT solutions, improving software development processes, managing UNIX-based systems, supporting big data services, and configuring production CI/CD tools and pipelines. Also, I am certified as an AWS Solution Architect and Salesforce engineer.

Susie Chen

Susie worked at Facebook on ads-related products and later at a fast-growing crypto startup, Sei Network. She has built many products from scratch and is currently working on her own startup.

Ankit Anchlia

Ankit is a highly accomplished software development professional with over a decade of experience in the industry. With a background in software development, Ankit brings a wealth of expertise and insights to the table. Ankit has served as a judge for esteemed organizations such as Major League Hacking and has evaluated projects for prestigious awards, including the Globee Awards. 

Yaroslav Lazor

Yaroslav is the CEO of Railsware, a product studio dedicated to crafting meaningful software solutions. Three decades in tech, building damn good products in charge of Railsware, changing how businesses are managed with,, and Yaroslav's engineer heart, ever-curious mind, and belief in disciplined innovation remain the core of my management approach.

Mayank Jindal

Mayank is a software development engineer-2 at Amazon with over 3 years of experience. His primary focus is to develop software solutions that ensure the safety and trustworthiness of Amazon's advertising platform.

Rudra Roy Choudhury

Rudra is a Product Manager at Tubi, with 5 years of experience building B2B products in tech using automation and AI. At Tubi, he is responsible for scaling Tubi's content management, Ad Ops, & Sales products. Outside my day job, he is a PM expert with Criya having mentored 200+ aspiring & new PMs, a published author and speaker, a previous judge for hackathons & entrepreneurship events, and also a Six Sigma Black Belt recipient. 

Denis Matveev

Denis works in DevOps at Ignitia AB, Sweden. He has a passion for software development under Linux. He was a former developer coding in C/C++.

Harry Shah

Harry is an MS in IT alumni from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York (class of 2014) and has 12+ years of experience doing UX Design and web Development. Currently, he works for Visa Inc. as Senior UI Lead. He specializes in leading teams building semantic and accessible Design Systems and web applications for the web along with evaluating web interfaces on the most up-to-date or required guidelines.

Verbwire Judges

Youth Code X is proud to announce that we will be partnering with Verbwire for the Verbwire category for the event. The Verbwire category offers cash prizes and an opportunity to interview for an internship with Verbwire for the winners. For more info you can check out the prizes list on the devpost. 

For more info on Verbwire click here


Registration has will open up soon for the Summer of 2024